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How to Play Poker Online

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Online poker is considered one of the best known online card games and it has been accepted by all the internet casinos around the world. Poker players love this game because it requires discipline and skills if you want to win. For those who decided to join poker players but don’t know the rules and don’t know from what to begin, we provide online poker beginners guide. The most popular form of the online poker in the world over the past 10 years is Texas Hold’em. So we advise you to begin with mastering this game.

Online poker is the game of five best cards. The standard deck of cards consists of 52 cards which are arranged in 4 suits: hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades. In poker all suits are equal. In poker high card is Ace and Deuce is the low one. First of all beginners should learn the hand rankings. Ranking are the same for all forms of poker.

1st hand, the worst one– you have nothing and the hand with higher card wins. (e.g. Ace beats King)

2nd hand, the best one – you have a pair. If other players also have a pair, the hand with the highest pair will win. (e.g. pair of Kings beats the pair of Queens). If there are same pairs, than the next highest card (kicker) decides the winner.
If you there are two pairs, he highest pair is the deciding factor. If two hands have the same two pairs, than the kicker (the fifth card) determines the winner.

If you have the combination of three of a kind (trips or set), the highest three wins. In case of the same three of a kind, the kicker is the deciding factor.

3rd hand rank.If you have the combination of five consecutive cards in a raw it is called straight. BUT: they have to of different suit and there must be 5 cards, not 3 or 4. In case of two or more straights, the player with the highest straight wins. The straight is the only situation when an Ace can be low. It is below Deuce.

4th hand. If you have the combination of five cards of the same suit, but not obligatory consecutive, it is called flash. In case of two and more flashes, the highest flash wins.

If you have the combination of a pair and three of a kind, it is a full house. In case of two and more houses, the first deciding factor is the highest three of a kind, the second deciding factor is the pair.

5th hand. If you have the combination of four of a kind, it is quads. The highest four of a kind wins. If you have the combination of five consecutive cards of the same suite, it is straight flush.